HttpValueCollection.ToString() generates your nice query strings

May 24, 2008

In an ASP.NET page, if you call Request.QueryString.ToString(), you’ll get a nicely formatted query string back, like this:


“That’s nice,” I thought. “I wonder how they implemented it. I’ll fire up Reflector and take a look.”

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Response.Redirect and the ThreadAbortException, and why it’s a good thing

April 5, 2008

A couple of months ago, I ran into a problem where I was seeing a bunch of ThreadAbortExceptions showing up in my logs. It didn’t take long to track down why – I was calling Response.Redirect from within a try/catch block in my ASP.NET code-behind page, and the catch block was catching the ThreadAbortException and writing it out to the log. But why was the ThreadAbortException being generated?

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