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Posted July 15, 2023 in blazor-webassembly .net github-actions f# c#
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I have wanted to add search to this blog for quite a while now, but since its contents are statically generated by hugo, I couldn’t use any of my familiar .NET server-side tricks.

Fortunately, a lot of smart people are churning out interesting new tools and technologies, and still other smart people have solved my particular problem and documented their solutions.

Some time ago, I ran across a series of blog posts written by Aaron Powell. Like me, he uses hugo to generate his blog pages, and he, too, wanted to have search available on his site. He then set out to use the new-at-the-time Blazor WebAssembly technology with Lucene.NET to make his site searchable.

I won’t rehash everything here, as Aaron did a fabulous job documenting the steps. Plus, his blog’s repository is open source, so you can see changes and updates he has made. If you’re interested in adding something similar to your site, these posts are a great jumping off point:

Thanks, Aaron!

Please try the new search, and let me know if you have any questions.


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