Migrated to Hugo

Posted August 30, 2020 in hugo
Reading time: 1 minute

I have successfully migrated my blog from Jekyll to Hugo. The ability to generate the entire site from a single executable is very appealing. What pushed me to finally make the move was a security notification from GitHub: apparently one of the ruby gems Jekyll relies on had a vulnerability. I’m not a ruby developer, and I blog so infrequently that it’s a pain to try to remember how to update my local ruby environment and keep everything working, so… Hugo it is!

I also used this as an opportunity try self-hosting this on a cloud Linux machine. I’m using GitHub Actions to generate the HTML and deploy the site. So far, it’s all working very well.

A massive thank you to Aaron Powell for blazing the trail and documenting the process of using GitHub Actions for deployment of a Hugo-based site.

Also, a big shoutout to Brian P. Hogan for writing an excellent book, Building Websites with Hugo, which was indispensible in my learning process.

Thanks for stopping by the new digs!


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